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Why This Training?

Back in the early 1990's I was a chiroparctor looking for ways to change my life and the lives of my patients.  Then I discovered the key to "Accessing" the human subconscious in ways I had not seen before.  I would  sit with clients and patients, have them make statements out loud, then verify these statements using muscle testing to uncover the keys to what kept them from attracting more money, better health, or better relationships.  

I found out this key has to do with what I called "hidden decisions" that run our lives.  Most people (including most therapists) are totally unaware of these decisions and, consequently, can do little or nothing to change them.

My procedure was  drop-dead simple, the results were mind-boggling. Those who took part during the early days reported positively with testimonials about how these few sessions changed their lives forever.

It was then that I started looking around to see if anyone else had discovered this method.  I didn't find it anywhere, in spite of years searching.  Quite frankly, I wasn't prepared to be a pioneer in such an important breakthrough such as this.  

So I waited.  For years.  No one published or suggested anything like it.  Finally in the early 2000's I realized I had stumbled across something that could change the path of humanity.  I then set out to create a course to train others on this technique so they could transform themselves and others.

Are You...   
  • A Doctor, health professional, life coach, business coach, counselor or consultant?  Or simply  
  • A Seeker looking for answers to overcome self-sabotage, make more money, and connect more with your ideal mate, friends and family?
Then This Is Your Answer... 
A technique that goes straight to the heart of the issue without beating around the bush and relying on methods that either don't resolve it, or take years to manifest solid results.  Medicine, Chiropractic, Coaching, Counseling, Psychotherapy, New Age groups, Hypnosis, NLP, Tapping, Massage, Acupressure, the Law of Attraction, Affirmations, Shamanism, or a combination of these . . . ALL get results, but I found them lacking in one or more way.  

Now don't get me wrong . . .  I'm a chiropractor myself and have nothing but admiration for all of these modalities.  I've actually used many of them during my many years of practice. Many people swear by them, say they work just fine, and report having their lives transformed by using some of these approaches.

However I also know many others - including myself - who have not gotten the best results they seek using these methods.   Even if these results do come, they often take a very long time to arrive!
Coaching, Therapy and Counseling
often take months or years to produce results!

It's a fact:  you need more than just Goals, Affirmations, Inner Child Work, Esoteric Rituals, bodywork, hypnosis or Magical Thinking to get the subconscious breakthrough you're looking for without months or years of psychotherapy.

You, as do all Humans, need a way to get in touch with your deepest thoughts and decisions . . . the ones that actually run your life and make you think and behave a certain way.

And you need it fast!!

Many times these hidden thoughts and decisions
run counter to what you actually want.  Consciously. The problem has always been: how does one get access to this treasure trove of posibilities?

If you work with others as a dedicated doctor, coach or therapist, you already know that Love, Riches, Power and Great Health don’t just happen by accident.  The client must want these things - deep down - in order for them to happen.  Then he or she must take the appropriate actions to attract the results.

This, in essence, is how we get results in our lives.

  On Again, Off Again:  The Law of Attraction  
One of the biggest complaints I hear when folks talk about the Law of Attraction is that "it doesn't work," or "I know it works, but for some reason I can't get it to work for me."  I, too, had this concern in the beginning . . . until I discovered that the LOA actually works, but ONLY when I was truly in Alignment With the Things I Wanted to Manifest!

I found out that attraction works from the inside-out.  Imposing my ideas, goals or beliefs on something or someone just doesn't do the trick.  The vision of the ideal you want to achieve must come from DEEP inside, and every person has to arrive at this understanding him or herself.   

So how does the LOA actually work?? 

The "How to Attract Good Things In Life Course"  is not taught in college, medical school or coach training academies. You need specialized training to make this work for yourself and others.

Shamanism actually comes closest to teaching this skill, but many folks who might benefit from this training are turned off by many of the esoteric practices and native rituals involved.

An Interesting Story

After World War II, an amazing phenomenon arose in the South Pacific. An unusual religion arose among the inhabitants, and was centered on the idea that cargo was the source of the wealth and power.Since they saw the Europeans and Americans deliver these goods, the “Cargo Cult” performed ceremonies they hoped would bring in more “miracles,” i.e., vast shipments of cargo sent from some heavenly place.

It was all very logical to the islanders. They saw themselves working hard and staying poor, whereas the Europeans and Americans did little or no hard work and had steady streams of goods just dumped on them… just by writing things on paper!

Cargo Cult members therefore built replicas of airports and airplanes out of twigs and branches and continued to mimic the writing motions, and sounds associated with airplanes in order to re-activate the shipments of cargo and wealth.

None of this worked.

cargo cult

Did it make sense to the islanders (i.e., was it Logical)?

Were the islanders invested Emotionally?

You bet.

So why didn’t the Law of Attraction kick in and make it happen??

You guessed it . . . they only saw PART of the solution, the “ritual” part. They sought to copy the actions they saw but didn’t target their message to the ones who could actually make this happen (i.e. the US military).

Had they understood they needed to go to the source, they might have gotten at least some results. Instead they did the best they could – using the equivalent of affirmations and magical thinking – to attract cargo to their island again . . . but never did!

Are You (Or Your Family Member or Client)
A Victim Of “Magical Thinking”?

While you may scoff at the ignorance of native Pacific Islanders, is it possible that you or your client may be doing the same thing… just a bit differently?

Could “magical thinking” also be construed as simply assuming what others taught as truth? Are you - or is your client - still using fancy scientific-sounding rituals, or new age approaches, simply because you don’t have access to the real answers?!

Don't be embarrassed.  You are not alone . . . there are millions of others like you!

I was just like you. For almost 50 years I also sought the REAL Truth… at first by copying something from those I thought had “the answer.” I was always looking for that magic bullet that would unlock the secret to my life purpose, and ways I could make more money, be happy, etc. You know how it is, right…?

After decades of doing this with few results to show for my troubles, I made the hard decision to step OUT of the illusion and start getting real feedback. My search eventually led me to discover and develop a powerful process called the Logical Soul®.

Along the way, however, I tried various methods in my quest to find inner happiness, enlightenment, wealth and healing.  Here's what I discovered:  

The Law Of AttractionI found this Law always works. The biggest problem I had was that I initially approached this by using my CONSCIOUS mind to attract good things… while my SUBCONSCIOUS mind had already made certain decisions that were working against me… and is winning! Just like you wouldn’t drive your car with one foot on the accelerator and one foot on the brake, you would never consciously sabotage your dreams.   This is how self-sabotage happens, however.  I finally uncovered what I call The Law of the Very Good Reason (tm) that remained in operation with any given goal.  It states that The Law of Attraction will only come AFTER the primary reason has been established.  If the Very Good Reason runs counter to your goal, then you get no results there!  

Goals & Affirmations – Do you find yourself repeating these over and over again, expecting different results? I did too . . . until I discovered that Goals and Affirmations are the result of a clear and coherent mind – they don’t create one! 

EFT, Tapping, NLP & HypnosisI repeatedly tried these and other methods in my attempts to “program my subconscious mind”, only to fall short.  I was simply unable to achieve the promised results! (These techniques work mainly for those susceptible to placebo effects, i.e., those people with increased dopamine levels in the brain.  I apparently have lower dopamine levels.) 

Self-Help & Motivational Courses – Do you, like me, have a garage full of unopened books, tapes, CDs and DVDs of courses you bought? Is your computer hard drive full of similar things you’ve downloaded over the years that are just sitting there? Do you still hope that – somehow magically – this knowledge will transfer itself from the books and DVDs into the cells of your brain and fill you full of wisdom??  I'm certainly guilty of this. 

Willpower and Persistence – Most successful people point to these traits as the foundation of their success, so I beleived them and tried harder and harder. But, people like me who suffered  from continuous drama or self-sabotage can have real problems with this approach.  I found that, by exerting more willpower to overcome a problem, I only made the problem worse! Strong willpower and the ability to persist, I found out the hard way, is more of a result of coherent thinking, not a cause of it!

Logical Soul® Training (2.0)
Provides A Proven Formula For Getting 

. . . No Matter How Many Times You’ve Failed Before!

checkThe Law of Attraction begins to work FOR you, instead of against you! 
checkGoals & Affirmations become much more powerful and consistent.
EFT, Tapping, NLP & Hypnosis will still work mainly for those susceptible to placebos, but early EEG studies show an increase in alpha coherence in those who are NOT open to the placebo effect! 
Self-Help & Motivational Courses will be better utilized due to your increased ENERGY and CAPACITY for learning, self-growth, and success! 
Willpower and Persistence – You will find that willpower and persistence comes naturally because you will be focusing on those things you find more enjoyable and pleasant. You will also be better focused, able to delegate, and accomplish much more with much less effort and stress! 
No matter what business you’re in, or how badly your health, relationships or family life have treated you before, this program will provide you with ALL the tools you need to navigate your way OUT of your continuing drama. And you can start right now to CREATE your ideal life and lifestyle!
Never before has there been a program like this . . . a laser-focused way to BLAST out of your current dilemmas and LOCK IN your dreams and goals so they finally become the reality you know you really want!!
logical soul

Logical Soul® Training consists of 10 Modules of step-by-step instruction and content you can study, practice and use.These video modules and notes were taken from a live training.

You can learn at your own pace; I recommend doing one Module a week for about 7-10 weeks, and access Module 7 to see how I do actual live sessions with people. Watching me go through the whole process is invaluable to learning. The more you see the technique in action, the more comfortable you will feel practicing and using it.

Here Is Your Course Summary

MODULE 1 – Overview and Introduction. Sit back and I will take you on a journey of how I discovered this unique process, refined it, and made it easy for anyone to use. I also cover the major principles and techniques you will need throughout the course to maximize your results.
MODULE 2 – The Interview. You’ll learn how to do an effective client interview (or how to interview yourself). You will also be able to listen for hidden meanings, and how they can become crystal clear for you and the person you are working with. This will help you quickly and easily discover underlying hidden decisions, and how to frame the CONTEXT of your listening in such a way as to get ideal results. This will become simple and clear to you during the module.
MODULE 3 – Discovery. This module covers the technique I use to discover hidden subconscious decisions. You will learn how to use Applied Kinesiology (or muscle testing) to get instant feedback from your client’s subconscious, and use that to Zoom in to what I call “Lynchpin Decisions” that block their results, progress and happiness in life.
MODULE 4 – Access. This module gives you the ESSENCE of the Logical Soul® approach. You will learn “Soul Whispering” – a way to not only access deep Inner Child emotions, beliefs and decisions, but also how to get access to the emotions, beliefs, decisions and “memes,” or mind viruses, that affect you from parents, ancestors, environment and culture.
MODULE 5 – Resolution. Learn how to take yourself, or your client, on a journey from “divine dysfunction” to Divine Power in a very short time! Sometimes the Resolution happens quickly. At other times you may have to take the Inner Child, parent or ancestor on a short and simple journey to “The Place of Decision” to affect the final transformation. Either way, you will be given the keys (and scripts) to this vital step!
MODULE 6 – How To Do A Session. This module is all about learning how to take the Logical Soul® process from beginning to end, for maximum benefit in the shortest time. You will watch me do a session with one of the course participants, and learn how to start doing practice sessions on your own, preferably with a spouse, partner or friend. Afterwards, I answer questions that naturally arise from all participants.
MODULE 7 – Logical Soul® Sessions. This module will be available all throughout the course so you can see how it actually works in person. You will enjoy several powerful sessions, and all the updates that come with them.
MODULE 8 – Bonus Material. This module covers some secret material that came from a year-long training course with some devoted, long-time Logical Soul® practitioners.
MODULE 9 – Books. This module contains downloads of all my books so you can refer to them again and again for maximum benefit.
MODULE 10 - Resources.  This module contains the scripts, outlines, and step-by-step instructions you will need when learning the technique and working with others. This module also reveals the advanced training available for those who want to pursue this path as a career.

The Law of Attraction affects not only your life… but also the lives of everyone with whom you come into contact… as well as others whose lives you touch psychically in ways you may not even be aware of.

So if you are concerned
 about the condition of the world around you, check this out NOW…

The Logical Soul® Invites Miracles…
And Miracles Are Mandatory In Today’s World!

Our small planet is sitting at a crossroads. Whether you are Biblical in your outlook or not, the events over the past 100 years have demonstrated that mankind cannot – and will not – survive if men and women are unable to tap into their “Higher Brain” or get beyond so-called “logical” or “magical” thinking!

You see, we have something that the Hawaiian Huna masters (or Kahunascalled “Aka cords" or “psychic fingers.” These so-called fingers reach out to all parts of the universe, but we are mostly unaware they even exist, much less how to use them. We don’t access them most of the time because deep, hidden decisions keep them shut off except in emergencies.

Well… NOW it’s an Emergency!

And “magical thinking” and New Age rituals don’t do anything to connect these cords to our conscious minds! It will (again) take the intervention of GRACE – coupled with a way to connect our inner and outer selves – to continue to manifest the MIRACLE that keeps mankind from destroying itself.

True Story . . . 

Former Secretary of State Robert McNamara revealed how close the world came to all-out nuclear war in 1962. According to a later conversation with Fidel Castro (as seen in the movie Fog of War), he learned that “There were 162 nuclear warheads, including 90 tactical warheads, on the island at the time of this critical moment of the crisis…!”

Upon further questioning, Castro admitted he not only KNEW the warheads were there, he also recommended to Russia’s Nikita Khrushchev that they actually USE them if attacked!

“I couldn’t believe what I was hearing” said McNamara.

robert macnamara
But McNamara went on to exclaim that Castro not only knew this decision would totally destroy his island nation, but insisted that if McNamara and Kennedy were in a similar situation, they would have done the same logical thing!

McNamara answered, as if in shock…

“Mr. President, I hope to God we would not have done this . . . pull the temple down on our heads…??

My God…!!”

Fortunately for the world, 
cooler heads prevailed and the crisis was averted.

But how many times must we rely on the world leaders to have such wisdom… especially when there are at least 100 times more tactical nuclear warheads aimed and ready to launch around the planet today than there were in 1962…?!

How many times must we be faced with violence that threatens our culture, whether it be from daily street crime and protests, movie house murders, or even state-sponsored murder? And…

How many times must we tolerate harmless-sounding slogans and memes that escalate to violence by continuously pitting state against state, race against race, party against party, and ideas against ideas??

We can’t. And we shouldn’t.

We ourselves must be able to take responsibility for our own consciousness, and our own contributions to the increasing world disorder…

We must be able to get ourselves and our family, friends and associates beyond the lower brain instincts for Fight or Flight and energize the higher brain centers and hearts with happiness, peace and harmony.

In other words…

We must learn to perform 
MIRACLES on a daily basis!!

“But I’m not ready to do this for others!” you say? That’s OK. Take the first step towards making a difference in the world: do it for yourself!!

Here’s How It Can Happen

The Law of Attraction can help you manifest anything . . . but only if you are grounded in three things:
Logical Truth – Your conscious mind has to understand, or at least accept it.
Emotional Truth Your subconscious mind, heart and soul has to accept it, and
Targeted Truth  Your Truth must connect with the Source – and with others – in a relevant way. In other words, do you really know what you want? And are you truly connected with the source of this desire?

Regardless of your situation, 
this will connect you to your own truth…  

logical soul training
Logical Soul® 2.0 is a complete system of personal and professional development that will provide you with a step-by-step process to create and re-create miracles in your life, and in the lives of your clients or patients.

This course will show you how to use your Logical Truth through what is called “the nature of the mind” to go towards greater and greater happiness. As you go through this, you will have many “aha” moments that speak to your highest truth.

This, in turn, will stimulate your Emotional Truth, since the process works directly with the Subconscious to manifest your desired reality.

With both the inner and outer consciousness in alignment, you will be able to discover – with a bit of assistance – your Targeted Truth in order to start manifesting results you never thought possible before!!

I start out teaching you specific techniques for coaching yourself or others, then I add some powerful features that ONLY Logical Soul® Practitioners use to consistently get miraculous results in all areas of life!

Here is what you get with this unique training course:

10 Modules with Lessons, delivered to you right away. Take your time; learn at your own Pace though our Video and Audio formats ($995 value).
Written “Cheat Sheet” Notes for each Module and Lesson ($350 value).
Downloadable Copies of all my books: The Logical Soul ®, Money Matrix Method(tm) and The Six Figure Coach ($71 value).
Bonuses, Resources, and Extra Session Modules provided ($395 value).
BUT, because the world desperately needs this work,

Only $77 !
(But act fast – this offer will not last!)

Logical Soul® 2.0 is the FIRST STEP towards certification
if you later decide to become a Logical Soul® Practitioner.  
See what others are saying below.

NOTE:  If you are already a doctor, chiropractor, or other licensed ealth or coaching professional, you will be able to use the things you learn in this course in conjunction with all your other coaching methods, modalities, techniques, therapies and/or personal development approaches.  

Go ahead.  Sign up.  
You have nothing to lose, and the world will gain a more valuable human being or coach!

To Your Complete Success and Happiness,

Dr. Michael Craig

P.S., If any hidden decisions try to hold you back from investing in yourself with this program, this may be a perfect sign.  Its time to get on board NOW!!

P.P.S., Check out the TESTIMONIALS and our 30-Day No-Nonsense Guarantee below...

Here’s What People Are Saying:

joe vitale
Dr. Joe Vitale
Best-Selling Author and Star of 'The Secret'

Dr. Craig's work stands out because he guides you directly to the "invisible forces" operating in your life. Change those and you can attract and help more people.  Expect miracles!

raymond aaron
Raymond Aaron
Best-Selling Author & Coach
Logical Soul®: It's totally law of attraction, it's totally
responsibility; it's totally taking charge of your life. I LOVE it . . .
we're in perfect resonance! I'm yours; you got me at "Hello"!

danette moss
Danette Moss
Productivity Coach & Consultant

The Logical Soul® has provided me with more than enough
energy and creativity to tackle just about anything that comes
my way! I have eliminated much of the drama and stress in my
life, and continue to grow, both professionally and personally.

beate fisher
Beate Fisher
Sales and Service Manager
Sales is a high-pressure job and often frustrated me to the
point many times where I wanted to give up. By working
with Dr. Craig and his wife Brigitte, I've been able to double
my sales on many occasions, and found the whole process a
lot less stressful. I've also noticed tremendous breakthroughs
in my personal life with my marriage and health.

dr brenda wade
Dr. Brenda Wade

Holistic Psychologist, Best-Selling Author, and TV Guest Expert
Michael's work penetrates to the level where we literally make changes in our brain... often as early as six months. I can tell you from my own personal work with him that six months is where I had to go to clear up some of my own deep patterns.

devon brownDevon Brown
Internet Entrepreneur & Success Coach
I literally had breakthroughs that I didn't even know I was able to have ...
he tapped into things that never in a million years would I have realized
were there by just using my conscious mind. If you ever have a chance
to work with Dr. Craig  [or get his training], by all means do so!

ed steeley
Edward Steely
Reiki Master & Instructor

Having known Dr. Craig for many years, I have watch the growth and development of both him and his amazing work and have come to the realization that the Logical Soul® program is practically indispensable for anyone wanting to make a quantum leap in his or her growth, happiness, and evolution. I recommend it to all those wanting to change the planet by first changing who they are inside in a very real and tangible way!

don sherrill
Don Sherrill
Retired Navy & Bench Press Champion
Dr. Craig's program helped me go from being stuck at
a lower level of lifting for years, to achieving a press
of over 315 pounds - a record for my age group.

100% Money Back Guarantee

guaaranteeSign up for the low low price, get access to the membership site, watch all the material, and download everything I have been able to create and develop over the last 30 years.

If, in the first 30 days after taking the material on a test drive, you still don't feel this is the best course of its kind you've ever taken, let me know by email or ticket, and I will refund 100% of your money... hassle free! I take ALL the risk.

This is how confident I am that this training has ALL the pieces you need to transform every aspect of life.  Of course you will need to go through the course and take action to get results, but if you're not happy, I really don't want your money!

What Are You Waiting For?

Your Family, Friends, Associates, Customers and Clients
will all be amazed at your new-found wisdon and peace
. . . and will think you are up to something (and you will be)!!

P.S: This training is not for everyone - only for those who feel a real urge to transform themselves and others. If you have no intention of making changes, watching the videos or doing the work involved, save your money. Go to a movie instead. Seriously. I'm really only interested in serving those who are called to make a difference. If that's you, then welcome! I'd love to get to know you so we can make a difference together!